INGREDIENTS: Vegetable oil: 2 tbsp Chicken leg: 2 Onion, chopped: 1/2 Water: 2 quarts Chicken soup cubes, crumbled: 3 Celery:1 stalk Carrots, chopped: 2 Garlic, roasted & minced: 1 large Salt & pepper to taste Noodles boiled: 1/2 cup   METHOD 1) In a large pot, add oil & chicken legs & cook on medium … Continue Reading


A visit to the supermarkets, especially the cheese counter makes your head spin. The endless varieties leave you intrigued, confused & raises questions in mind regarding their taste & origin. So here is an insight to the various cheese that you may find in your supermarkets! 1)¬†MANCHEGO: This cheese is made of sheep’s milk & … Continue Reading