Whole wheat pasta, boiled: 1 packet

Olive oil: 2 tbsp

Red chili flakes: 1/2 tsp

Garlic, chopped: 6

Baby onions, peeled: 6

Corn kernels, boiled: 1/2 cup

Tomato juice: 1/2 cup

Carrot cubes, boiled of 1

French beans, halved: 6-8

Tomato concasse*: 1/2 cup

Cauliflower florets, boiled: 6

Salt to taste

Black peppercorns, crushed: 8-10

Oregano, dried: 1 tsp

Basil leaves: 5

Cheese, processed & grated: 2 tbsp



1) Heat olive oil & add red chili flakes, allow to seep in for 30 seconds.

2) Add garlic & baby onions, stir on high for 2 mins, before adding corn kernels.

3) Cook further for a couple of mins, before adding tomato juice along with a cup of water.

4) Once a boil comes, toss in carrot, french beans & mix well.

5) Add tomato concasse & stir well.

6) Add cauliflower florets & pasta.

7) Give a gentle mix before seasoning it with salt.

8) Sprinkle black pepper, oregano & toss in sweet basil, hand torn.

9) Finish off with cheese & serve hot.

NOTE: This is an extremely delicious, wholesome meal kind of a soup. Reserve for days when you wish to go light. Tomato concasse* is a tomato pulp of blanched, skinned & seeded ripe tomatoes. Enjoy!



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