Sugar: 1/2 cup

Milk: 3 tbsp

Semolina: 1 tbsp

Mawa, grated: 200 gm

Flour: 2 tbsp

Green cardamom powder: 1 tsp

Clarified butter, for deep frying: 1 cup



  1. Heat a wok, add sugar & 1/4 cup water.
  2. Make a single thread consistency sugar syrup, adding 1 tsp milk.
  3. Remove & allow to cool at room temperature.
  4. Take a bowl, add semolina & milk.
  5. Keep aside for sometime.
  6. In another bowl, add mawa, flour, green cardamom powder & mix well.
  7. Add semolina mixture & knead together as a dough.
  8. Add 1 tbsp clarified butter & re knead the dough.
  9. Grease your palms with clarified butter & make small roundels.
  10. Heat a wok, add clarified butter & allow to heat on a medium heat.
  11. Add 5-6 number of roundels , swirl in circular motion & remove.
  12. Drop into the cooled sugar syrup.
  13. Serve with a sprinkling of pistachio slivered.                                                                                                                                          NOTE: This is a classic Indian dessert, made easy. You can stuff the gulab jamun with nuts chopped & dribble chocolate sauce.  Adding milk while making sugar syrup helps in removing all impurities. Mawa is thickened mass of milk. Enjoy!

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