White fish fillet: 100 gm

Cream: 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

White pepper powder: 1/4 tsp

Parsley, chopped: 1/4 bunch

Smoked salmon: 150 gm


Mashed Potatoes:

New potatoes, boiled: 2

Milk: 2 tbsp

Butter: 2 tbsp

Garlic, chopped: 2



  1. For the fish mousse, in a food processor, blend fish fillet along with cream, salt & white pepper powder.
  2. Blend till it reaches a very fine texture.
  3. Remove onto a bowl & add parsley.
  4. Mix well & keep aside.
  5. Place the salmon pieces on a plastic wrap film, spread the fish mousse over it evenly in about 2 mm thick.
  6. Overlap the salmon pieces & roll & tie them up with the help of the plastic film.
  7. Steam them for 20 mins.
  8. Remove, cool & slice diagonally.
  9. For the mashed potatoes, mash the potatoes in a bowl, adding hot milk & butter.
  10. Add garlic & mix well till a smooth mixture is formed.
  11. Serve individual portions of sliced salmon along with fish mousse scoops.                                                                                  NOTE: A cool, smooth lunch on a hot sultry day. Enjoy!

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