Dates: 12-16

Lemon rind: 1 tsp

Almonds: 12-16

Ricotta cheese: 100 gm

Castor sugar: 2 tbsp



1) Slit dates carefully & remove the seeds.

2) Gently open them & keep aside.

3) Finely grate lemon rind.

4) Roast almonds & set aside.

5) Mix ricotta cheese & castor sugar well.

6) Add lemon rind & mix.

7) Make a cone with butter paper, stuff the cheese stuffing into it & pipe it into the date slits.

8) Place an almond on top of the cheese in each date.

9) Serve at room temperature.

NOTE: Substitute of ricotta cheese could be cream cheese & cashew nuts/ walnuts instead of almonds. Enjoy this unusual desert!

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